5 Reasons Why Dyson Vacuums Cleaners Are SO Expensive

When you feast your eyes on a Dyson vacuum cleaner, you almost are taken back quite a bit by the sheer amount of premium features, excellent form factor, unique design, and high quality parts.

However, once you bring yourself back to reality and take a look at the price tag, you’re almost always utterly shocked and sometimes, even a little disgusted!

You often think to yourself, “Why are all of these Dyson vacuums so stinkin’ expensive?”

5 Reasons Why Dyson Vacuums Are Expensive

If you take a look at the big picture and fully realize what goes into manufacturing a Dyson vacuum cleaner, it makes perfect sense why they are so expensive.

1. Billions of Dollars Invested in Research and Development

If there’s one thing Dyson is focused on, it’s always to improve and build better machines.

It’s one of the reasons why they’ve invested so much money into their Dyson products over the years, and continues to invest in better and more efficient technologies, designs, and products.

In fact, as of November 2020, Dyson announced that it’s investing an additional $3.7 billion into research and development and more for their new products over the next 5 years.

So remember, the next time you’re using your Dyson vacuum cleaner, be aware that your vacuum cleaner had billions of dollars poured into its design, performance, materials, and more.

Learn more in detail about how Dyson is investing here.

2. Dyson Products Have Exceptionally High Quality Control Standards

Dyson products are tested harshly, repetitively, and for hundreds of hours or more.

The combined amount of total hours tested is easily in the millions!

Seriously, it’s impressive how much they test their products.

Check out the video below to see just how much testing is performed on Dyson products.

It’s honestly a bit unsettling, but very good to know that these products are tested to take a quite a beating.

3. Dyson is Much More Than a Vacuum Cleaning Company

Dyson as a company and what it focuses on spans much further than just vacuum cleaners or vacuum cleaner technology.

Batteries, cars, or even medical ventilators, Dyson is constantly expanding and developing different technologies that reach far beyond many other vacuum cleaning companies.

The James Dyson Foundation:

The James Dyson Foundation was created with one goal in mind: to inspire young engineers.

They also do plenty of other charitable works, such as helping local communities around Chicago, as well as supporting medical research.

The foundation works directly with several different types of schools and universities by encouraging students to approach engineering with an open mind.

Other than working directly with potential bright-minded students, the foundation also donates money to the schools to help pay for new, cutting edge equipment and training for the teachers.

The James Dyson Award:

Because Dyson is so focused on improving and inspiring engineers to be as creative as possible, the James Dyson Award was created so that the best and brightest new minds would be properly rewarded.

Engineers that design anything that solves any type of problem are encouraged to submit their entries, where a winner will eventually be announced and decided upon.

This year’s grand prize total is $40,000, as well as an additional $6600 for for the international winner’s University.

Here’s a video for the 2021 James Dyson Awards below.

4. Premium Quality Materials

Lightweight materials are one thing, but to have a lightweight design that’s both functional and durable is a completely different story.

The one thing that Dyson vacuum cleaners shows through their sleek, yet efficient and lightweight design is how durable they are.

How Dyson chooses material is actually quite interesting. They use a process called ‘Finite Element Analysis‘, which allows them to carefully pick and choose which materials are acoustically and structurally best, all while using the least amount of material as possible.

Even something as simple and straightforward as material choice is carefully thought out with Dyson and their vacuum cleaners and other products, which ends up increasing costs unfortunately.

5. Premium/Branded Company “Tax”

A perfect example of a company that you have to pay a little extra for is Apple. You pay for the Apple brand name, as well as all the goodies, premium support, design, and more.

The same applies to Dyson and their vacuum cleaners.

It might be silly to think of this as a reason why these vacuum cleaners are so costly, but it’s entirely true.

If you want any type of premium product from a prestigious company, you’re going to have to shell out extra cash, regardless of what the actual end product is and how well it works.

It’s an unfortunate truth, but it is absolutely true.

Now You Know!

We hope that we’ve explained why Dyson vacuum cleaners have the high price tags that they do.

Whether you agree with them or disagree is an entirely different story.

But, one thing remains true, Dyson vacuum cleaners are expensive for plenty of good reasons.

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