Don’t Throw That Vacuum Cleaner Away! Recycle It!

Recycling Vacuum Cleaners

There always comes a time for every type of appliance, electronic device, or utility to be disposed of or in this case, hopefully recycled. Nothing lasts forever, especially when we’re on the subject of vacuum cleaners. If you have an old vacuum cleaner that’s broken, isn’t used anymore, or you flat out hate it and … Read more

How Long Should a Vacuum Cleaner Last For?

How Long Should A Vacuum Cleaner Last

Whenever we’re on the hunt for a shiny and new vacuum cleaner, just about all of us are looking for the same thing… we want our vacuum cleaner to last as long as possible. However, with so many different brands out there it’s hard to find a clear answer to this question: How Long Should … Read more

Kenmore 31140 vs. 31150

We’ll be comparing two popular Kenmore upright vacuum cleaners, the Kenmore 31140 vs. Kenmore 31150. Despite the seemingly marginal difference in model number, there are actually quite a few differences between these two vacuum models, so, let’s take a look and determine if the Kenmore 31140 or Kenmore 31150 is the overall better vacuum cleaner. … Read more

Does Baking Soda Ruin Your Vacuum?

Does Baking Soda Ruin Vacuum Cleaners

Even though baking soda might have plenty of really helpful uses for, there’s always a time and a place for everything, including baking soda. Where exactly does baking soda fit in in the vacuum cleaner world? Well, for starters, you can remove stains from your old or worn out carpets, neutralize pet smells and other … Read more

Should I Dust or Vacuum First? Which is Better?

Should You Dust Or Vacuum First

It’s that time of the year again, spring cleaning! Or, maybe your home is just overdue for a long and thorough cleaning because things have been getting out of hand lately. Both dusting and vacuuming your home are essential when we’re talking about cleanliness and hygiene in your environment. However, when we’re so busy cleaning, … Read more