Kenmore 31140 vs. 31150

We’ll be comparing two popular Kenmore upright vacuum cleaners, the Kenmore 31140 vs. Kenmore 31150.

Despite the seemingly marginal difference in model number, there are actually quite a few differences between these two vacuum models, so, let’s take a look and determine if the Kenmore 31140 or Kenmore 31150 is the overall better vacuum cleaner.

It’s not always easy trying to find out the differences between different vacuum model numbers, so we’ve taken both the similarities and differences and listed them.

Kenmore 31140 vs. Kenmore 31150 – What Are The Similarities?

Both the Kenmore 31140 and the Kenmore 31150 share plenty in common. They are identical in the following aspects:

  • Filtration – Both models use a triple HEPA filter system that is AAFA certified.
  • LED Lights – Both models have LED lights for helping you find dust and aiding in navigation.
  • Bag TypeKenmore 02053294000 bags will fit either vacuum cleaner.
  • Accessories – Pet Handi Mate, Combo Dust & Crevice Tool, Telescoping Wand – roughly 10 ft of range.
  • Warranty – 1 Year warranty from Kenmore.

Kenmore 31140 vs. Kenmore 31150 – What Are The Main Differences?

Kenmore 31140 vs. Kenmore 31150 – Visual Appearance

The Kenmore 31140 comes in blue, and the Kenmore 31150 comes in silver.

Personally, we think the silver/black looks better, but to be perfectly honest, visual appearance is one of the least important parts of a vacuum cleaner.

In fact, most people don’t care how their vacuum cleaner looks, as they just want a vacuum that cleans well.

Everyone has their own preferences. Let’s see what else is different between these 2 models.

Kenmore 31140 vs. Kenmore 31150 – Cord Length

When we’re comparing the cord length from different vacuum cleaners, we often look for a vacuum cleaner that has as long of a cord as possible.

The Kenmore 31140 features a 30 foot cord, while the Kenmore 31150 features a 35 foot cord.

Both units use a manual wrap for cord storage.


If given the option, almost all of us love a longer vacuum cord length. The Kenmore 31150 has an extra 5 feet which might come in handy in your home.

Kenmore 31140 vs. Kenmore 31150 – Weight

The Kenmore 31140 weighs 19 pounds, while the Kenmore 31150 weighs 21 pounds.

Although this difference is typically negligible, it might be worth knowing for anyone who doesn’t want to use a heavy vacuum cleaner (although, both of these vacuums are pretty standard weight for an upright, maybe a bit on the heavier side).


Granted, both of these vacuum cleaners are on the heavier side, but the Kenmore 31150 is slightly more heavier than the Kenmore 31140.

Kenmore 31140 vs. Kenmore 31150 – Power/Performance

Both the Kenmore 31140 and Kenmore 31150 offer a 12 amp motor.

However, the Kenmore 31140 offers 2 different motor speeds, while the Kenmore 31150 only offers 1 type of motor speed.


Despite both of these models from Kenmore offering the same power motor, the Kenmore 31140 has the option to use 2 different motor speeds which is always nice to have if you know you want to vacuum a specific surface on a lower speed.

Kenmore 31140 vs. Kenmore 31150 – Cleaning Width

The Kenmore 31140 offers a 14 inch cleaning width, while the Kenmore 31150 offers a 12.75 inch cleaning width.


Although a 1.25 inch cleaning width difference isn’t too substantial, if you have a larger home, you’ll save yourself a small amount of time during each vacuuming session if you decide to go with the Kenmore 31140.

Kenmore 31140 vs. Kenmore 31150 – Number of Height Adjustment Levels

The Kenmore 31140 features 4 different height adjustment levels, while the Kenmore 31150 features 5 different height adjustment levels.

Although you might not utilize every level while cleaning, having 5 options instead of 4 is definitely a plus if you have several different surfaces to vacuum throughout your home.


If you have lots of different surfaces in your home, especially those that are notoriously difficult to vacuum, the extra height adjustment in the Kenmore 31150 might come in handy.

Kenmore 31140 vs. Kenmore 31150– Belt

One of the major differences between these two vacuum cleaners is the Kenmore 31140 uses a belt, while the Kenmore 31150 is beltless and does not use a belt.


The Kenmore 31150 doesn’t have a vacuum belt, which is one less thing to worry about. Belts have to be replaced over time or your vacuum won’t work properly.

Kenmore 31140 vs. Kenmore 31150 – Which Model Is the Better Overall Choice?

These two particular vacuum cleaners from Kenmore are almost identical in most situations.

Considering both the Kenmore 31140 and Kenmore 31150 have identical accessories, bag types, filtration, and a similar appearance, so it makes sense why they are very similar, both in model number and from a design standpoint.

To summarize:

  • The Kenmore 31150 has 5 height adjustment levels, while the Kenmore 31140 only has 4.
  • The Kenmore 31140 has a slightly larger cleaning width than the Kenmore 31150, but the Kenmore 31150 has a 5 foot longer power cord than the Kenmore 31140 does.
  • Even though the Kenmore 31150 weighs slightly more than the Kenmore 31140 does, the difference is only 2 pounds.

The Kenmore 31150 is the Better Vacuum Because:

  • It’s a newer model that may have under the hood improvements
  • Offers a 5 foot longer power cord than the 31140
  • Is beltless, meaning you won’t have to maintain the belt or replace it at a later time
  • Has 5 different levels of height adjustment which is perfect for navigating and vacuuming different surfaces throughout your home
  • It still has excellent HEPA filtration
  • Comes with the exact same accessories as the Kenmore 31140

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