DeWalt 20 Volt Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

DeWalt 20 Volt Vacuum Review

Established by Raymond DeWalt, who pioneered the first woodworking machine for increased productivity and versatility in 1922, DeWalt Product Company (now known as DeWalt Industrial Tool Company) was formed in 1924 in Leola, Pennsylvania. As their product line grew to include innovative tools, the manufacturer earned its place on the map as a reliable maker … Read more

Onson Vacuums – A Review + Comparison Between Models

Onson Vacuum

Who remembers when vacuuming the house was a huge upheaval? When you’d nearly put your back out, pushing a heavy machine around the house that would practically suction itself to the ground – just to provide that extra level of challenge. Today, products like Onson Vacuums make this much easier than it ever has been … Read more

Miele C2 Complete Review

Miele C2 Complete

The Miele C2 Complete is a fantastic vacuum cleaner that offers a host of advantages over the competition. This vacuum is small and compact, yet powerful and efficient. It also represents fantastic value for money, making it an all-rounder for any family home. Introduction The right vacuum cleaner can actually have a huge impact on … Read more