The thought of physically cleaning your house in the morning with no equipment to help give you a deep cleaning will most likely make you hit the snooze button every time your alarm goes off. However, with a hassle-free and efficient vacuum cleaner, you can even be completely finished with your cleaning chores with the press of a button. Think of all the time you could save.

Let’s take a look at a wide variety of vacuum cleaners and their performance.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

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Technological invention has given you the wonderful option to program your vacuum cleaner while in bed, interesting indeed. Now the Robot vacuum cleaner is a lifesaver, first you will not know it is cleaning because it does not produce any type of loud noise like the usual vacuum cleaners.

Dirty corners in the house can now be cleaned with little effort because robotic vacuums have spinning brushes that can reach the corners in your house. The machine moves freely and does not need human control as it has an intelligent programming system.

Even more interesting is that you can schedule its daily cleaning routine and control it from an application over Wi-Fi connection from your smartphone. I know you might be thinking that it will leave some dirty spots, well that’s not true because the robot vacuum has mapping ability, which enables it to know the places that have been cleaned and areas that haven’t.

In recent times when cleaning your house, it was important to move the furniture for an effective cleaning process but with the robot vacuum, you don’t have to. The machine will move under your furniture and clean and in case it detects any obstacles on its way it automatically revolves away. Vacuum cleaners come in large sizes but this one is small and does not occupy a lot of storage space.

In addition most of the previous vacuum cleaning machines used oil engine, they later evolved to using the electric motor then electricity and now the robot vacuum uses a rechargeable battery.

The Multi-Surface Vacuum cleaner

Initially, I talked about finding a vacuum cleaner that can handle a variety of tasks effectively, well here is one. The Multi-Surface Vacuum cleaner works well with upholstery, carpets, and hard flooring, operating it is quite easy because of its upright nature and lightweight. The machine also enables easy movement while cleaning.

The Multi-Surface cleaners will remove all the dirt hiding in crevices with its crevice tool and the power brush will help you clean your carpet while standing in an upright position because of its rotating nature.

However, if you just want to get rid of dust then you can use the dusting brush, for this option the vacuum cleaners come complete with a shutoff button so you don’t have to do it manually. The purpose of the shutoff button is to enable you alternate between the carpet brush and the dust brush.

The Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Cords can be inconveniencing when you want to reach different areas of a room during a cleaning session, you might have to switch from socket to socket to improve your cleaning coverage. So why not get a cordless vacuum cleaner with less movement restrictions.

These types of vacuum cleaners are light in weight and to achieve the maximum performance you have to make sure that the battery is fully charged. The portability of the cordless cleaner enables you to clean everywhere and anywhere, both the high or low lying areas.

The Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

There is a real challenge when it comes to cleaning a house with many rooms, you will have to carry the vacuum cleaner with your hands from room to room, and up and down the staircase while cleaning. The backpack vacuum cleaner offers convenience when cleaning because you only need to strap it to your back and you are good to go.

The backpack allows you to vacuum your house regularly and clean your upholstery. However, when compared to the stick vacuum cleaners the backpack is much more portable but will not allow you move comfortably in small spaces.

People who have back problems might want to keep off the backpack because it may exacerbate the condition. Also upon purchase test it out on your back to check its weight because with a heavy backpack you will not be able to work for long and movement might also be restricted because of fatigue.

Cord length is also a critical factor when purchasing your backpack because a long cord, will enable you vacuum far-reaching areas.

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Important Features of a Vacuum Cleaner

Extra Accessories

When you are purchasing your vacuum cleaner there are a few things that should be included and I don’t mean the crevice tool but rather the cleaning tools. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you could avoid the headache of improvising something to help you clean your filters and the beater brush with ease?

Some manufacturers include extendable wands to ease your cleaning job, which isn’t a very bad idea.

Bin Capacity

The size of your house correlates with the size of the dust tank that you will need. For example, the robot dust tanks are usually small and might need emptying. Therefore, if you have kids who play a lot or your house is by a busy street or you keep pets it would be wise to get a vacuum cleaner with a large dust tank.

The Vacuum’s Suction Strength

Cleaning of carpets requires a stronger suction strength as compared to cleaning a hard surface; many vacuum cleaners can easily suck dust from a hard surface but may be unable to suck out dirt in a fluffy carpet. You will, therefore, have to acquaint yourself with the different units of measurement used by different manufacturers and buy according to the intended function.

The unit of measurement of a robot vacuum cleaners suction strength is “Pascal” and the upright vacuum cleaners unit of measurement as concerns it’s suction strength is “peak HP.” It is very easy to get confused with these terms but there is another simple method that you can use and it is the “air watts.”

The method involves measuring the number of watts the vacuum cleaning machine will use to a unit of air via the vacuum cleaners nozzle. This type of measurement is simple and will show you exactly the suction strength of your vacuum cleaner.

However, the ultimate choice is yours; you might need it for a school or a hospital where there are no carpets, so if the prices are too high you can pick one that will work well with hardwood or tiled floors but come at a fair price.

The Vacuum Cleaner Filtration System

Your vacuum cleaner has a filter whose main function is to catch the small particles before they damage your motor. Therefore, if the filtration system of your vacuum cleaner is of a poor quality you will most likely see dust coming out through the exhaust port, instead of picking and trapping them in the dust cup or bag. Therefore, ensure you buy your cleaner from a reputable company.

Check the Warranty

Some companies do not attach a warranty to their products and for the vacuum cleaners; you might find that they are giving it a few months to one year. Therefore, a company that produces quality goods and has faith in their products will give its products a long warranty period. But that does not mean that the vacuum cleaners with a short warranty period are faulty.

Level of Noise

A powerful vacuum cleaner is believed to produce the most noise, but with the technological advancements, the vibration levels and noise from the various vacuum cleaners have been greatly reduced. When you go to purchase your vacuum cleaning machine, the standard procedure is for them to test it before you carry it home and you can then find out if the noise is manageable.

Power Consumption

As much as we may want to vacuum clean our homes it is also important that we watch on how they consume power. So upon purchase do not confuse the parameters in the specification with the suction strength, check the number of watts indicated in the body of the vacuum cleaner and compare it with the price and the function. Then make a decision that fits with your budget.

Type of Brushes

The vacuum cleaners manual provides a good explanation of the type of brushes installed in the cleaner, but there are a few features that you can check for yourself such as if the brushes are extended out well or hidden properly when not in use. Does the brush switch work effectively, can you adjust the length of the bristles.

Be sure to check on the wheels if the vacuum cleaner is to roll on the floor, are they noisy or do they have a soft rubber.

Other types of cleaners are the washing vacuum cleaners that are designed for wet cleaning. Most of their features are a little bit different from the dust and dirt vacuum cleaners. For example, their brush design allows a user to pressurize the cleaning solution on a dirty surface and then suck it back after cleaning.

The cleaners are versatile because they can be used for washing carpets and hard surfaces; other unique features include a power regulator, and the humidification and aromatization feature. Therefore, when buying the washing vacuum cleaner be sure to check the ability to disassemble it for easy filling of water.