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Best Shark Vacuum for High Pile Carpet

4 Best Shark Vacuums for High Pile Carpet

If you own high pile carpets, then you know just how much care and overall maintenance that they require. Owners ...
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Best Handheld Vacuum For Cat Litter

4 Best Vacuum Cleaners For Cat Litter

Cats can be some of the most unique and entertaining animals ever. They can also be incredibly loving or distant ...
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Best Rechargeable Vacuum For Hard Floors

4 Best Rechargeable Vacuums For Hard Floors – Clean Without Frustration!

With all the recent enhancements in today's battery technology, some of the strides that have been made are surely impressive ...
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Best Inexpensive Vacuums For Pet Hair

4 Best Inexpensive Vacuums For Pet Hair

Let's be real here... Owning a pet is tough enough. You have to maintain them, clean up after them, feed ...
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Best Carpet Cleaner Vacuum For Pet Urine

3 Best Carpet Cleaner Vacuums For Pet Urine

Pets can mean the world to us. They can improve our lives in so many different ways that we never ...
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Best Shop Vacuums For Cars

5 Best Shop Vacuums For Cars – Keep Your Car Spotless!

Let's face it, it's more enjoyable to have a cleaner environment than one that's messy, dirty, or full of dust ...
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Recent Reviews

DeWalt 20 Volt Vacuum Review

DeWalt 20 Volt Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Established by Raymond DeWalt, who pioneered the first woodworking machine for increased productivity and versatility in 1922, DeWalt Product Company ...
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Onson Vacuum

Onson Vacuums – A Review + Comparison Between Models

Who remembers when vacuuming the house was a huge upheaval? When you’d nearly put your back out, pushing a heavy ...
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Miele C2 Complete

Miele C2 Complete Review

The Miele C2 Complete is a fantastic vacuum cleaner that offers a host of advantages over the competition. This vacuum ...
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Vinyl Plank Floors

Best Shark Vacuum For Vinyl Plank Floors In 2021

Most people often associate vacuums with cleaning carpets, but if you have vinyl flooring in your home, you should be ...
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Best Stick Vacuums Under 100

Best Stick Cordless Vacuum Under $100

You use different types of cleaning tools to ensure that your home is free of dust, dirt, and debris. One ...
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Best handeld Vacuum Cleaners

Best Handheld Vacuum for Stairs: Will They Make Your Life Easier?

When it comes to cleaning your house, there are some areas that are simple and quick to clean, and others ...
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From the Blog

How Often Should You Vacuum Wood Floors?

How Often Should You Vacuum Wood Floors? Cleaning the house might seem like a chore to some people, but it ...
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Vacuum Cleaners Scratch Hardwood Floors

Do Vacuum Cleaners Scratch Hardwood Floors?

You might have some beautiful hardwood floors in your home and you want to clean them – but you might ...
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Clean Hardwood Floors With Vinegar And Olive Oil

How to Clean Hardwood Floors With Vinegar and Olive Oil

The process of maintaining and cleaning hardwood floors is quite challenging – you can't just sweep and wipe them using ...
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Kirby vs. Rainbow vs. Miele

Kirby vs. Rainbow vs. Miele

Buying a good vacuum cleaner is tricky business. Searching the market through the seemingly endless selection is far from easy ...
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Broom Vs Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Broom Vs Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are quite the sight to see for many homeowners. They make you stop and take in how beautiful ...
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Robot Vacuums Good For Hardwood Floors

Are Robot Vacuums Good For Hardwood Floors?

There's no denying that hardwood floors look amazing. However, they're also expensive to install, and maintaining them can be troublesome ...
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