Best Small Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

Small Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors and you plan to maintain a clean polished look, you cannot be too casual about your cleaning routine. You need to give your floor the right kind of treatment that will give you the most impressive results. On such occasions, what you need is a vacuum cleaner and a small vacuum cleaner is a really popular choice. Small vacuum cleaners not only help you save up on a lot of costs, but they are also so effective at cleaning your hardwood floor.

Whether you have had hardwood floors for years or you have just had one installed into your home, it is important to learn the best way to clean your hardwood floor with a small vacuum cleaner. Small vacuum cleaners are quite effective when it comes to cleaning floors and pulling hair and fine dust from crevices and upholstery. The smaller vacuums are also as effective as the larger vacuums, with big canisters and huge bins, Small vacuums can even pull double or triple duty without taking up too much space in your home. With such an effective cleaner, your cleaning job becomes so much easier and you give your floor such a fresh new hygienic look. In this article, we will go through some of the best top-rated small vacuums in the world. So, if you’re looking for the most suitable small vacuum cleaner for your home, the following review will help you pick the right model in the market.

Important Factors to Consider when Purchasing your Small Vacuum Cleaner

The size and portability of your vacuum cleaner is a very important aspect of a good hardwood floor cleaner. However, when you’re out in the market looking for the best vacuum cleaner for your home, there are a number of factors that must be put into consideration to make sure that the vacuum cleaner you settle for is capable of properly cleaning your hardwood floor.

The Suction Strength

A vacuum cleaner cleans by sucking up the dirt and debris that has accumulated on your floor. It is therefore important to ensure that the suction power of your machine is powerful and very effective. The suction power of a vacuum differs according to the model and design of your cleaner. Most cleaners have motors attached to the head that release the suction sucking up dirt from your floor to the vacuum. Some vacuums have very high suction power eliminating all kinds of unwanted material from your floor while some vacuums possess low suction strength and are not able to pick up all the dirt from your floor. It is important to note that some vacuums with really high suction strength may end up destroying your hardwood floor leaving scratch marks and crevices on the surface. You should not compromise on the suction power of your cleaner. The suction strength is another pointer to its cleaning ability.

The portability of your vacuum cleaner.

As mentioned earlier, the size of your vacuum cleaner is a very important factor that must be considered and small vacuums also offer different levels of mobility. The cordless vacuum cleaners are effective in allowing you to clean every surface of your home without having to connect the vacuum to a power source. Homes and institutions with hardwood stairs really benefit from the small cordless vacuums. A portable lightweight vacuum cleaner features compact and powerful motors that produce a strong airflow, eliminating debris from your floor and effectively leaving a very clean shine to your hardwood floor. The more portable vacuums are amazing as there is almost no limit to the number of places and rooms you can clean with your cleaner. There are a number of small lightweight and portable vacuum cleaners that are very efficient and powerful, suitable for all cleaning tasks. However, some of these vacuums are only suitable for light cleaning tasks around your home.

The type and model of your vacuum cleaner.

There are so many different types and models of vacuum cleaners been released to the public every year. There are handheld vacuum cleaners, which are more suitable for getting to those corners and small spaces that could be hard to reach. There are the stick vacuum cleaners, the upright vacuum cleaners, the canister vacuum cleaners, and even the robotic vacuum cleaners. The market also has different types of cleaners meant for different roles. The steam cleaners use steam to clean your floor. The spot cleaners focus on easily getting rid of hard stains on your floor. Different types of vacuums work better in different cleaning situations. The type and model that you will choose should suit your lifestyle and the cleaner that is best to work with. The power cord of your vacuum cleaner should be of a comfortable length. A cleaner with a shorter power cord will not be able to clean a larger room unless you connect it to an extension cable. A cleaner with a power cord of great length allows the user to comfortably and effectively maneuver all around the room, under furniture and tight corners without having to search for an additional power source

The power consumption

This factor is often overlooked however it is quite vital to check the power rating of your cleaner. The amount of energy that your vacuum will consume is often placed on a stamp or a label on the vacuum cleaner. It is important to find out the power rating of your machine so that your power bill does not shoot up unexpectedly and you end up spending more on electricity bills. Many small vacuum cleaners are cordless and operate on rechargeable batteries. These are quite easy to use. Before a cleaning task, it is important to ensure that the battery of your vacuum is fully charged. This saves on a lot of time ensuring that you do not have to stop in the middle of your cleaning routine to recharge your vacuum. It is also important to check on the expected run time of your vacuum. If your vacuum can work for up to 30 minutes without having to be recharged, it is quite efficient. The market is also filled with a large amount of energy-saving vacuum cleaners. The energy-saving vacuums can still clean your hardwood floor effectively without consuming too much power.

The Filters in your Vacuum Cleaner

The more advanced small vacuum cleaners are built with a High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter otherwise known as a (HEPA) filter. This filter is designed in the form of a mesh and is used to trap impurities such as dust, dirt, pollen, pet hairs and even mold spores. The HEPA filters can be re-used after, washing and air drying the filter. This is great especially for those who could be suffering from any allergies or respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, COPD or asthma. There are other vacuums with an active filter that plays the same role in trapping impurities. The filters are made of different materials such as charcoal, glass and even cardboard. The HEPA and active filters work in purifying the air around you during the cleaning process.

Reviewing the Best Small Vacuums for Hardwood Floors

Comparison Table

NameWeightCord Length Energy Consumption Check on Amazon
Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum4.65lbs18ft4 AmpsBuy here
Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum3.7lbs15ft500 wattsBuy here
Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner5.03lbsCordless10-30 minutes run timeBuy here
Shark Pet Perfect II Cordless Hand Vacuum4.5lbsCordless15-30 minutesBuy here


Bissell Cleanview Deluxe Corded Handheld Vacuum

Small Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

The Bissell Clean View Deluxe Corded Hand Vacuum is lightweight and very convenient in cleaning hardwood floors. The vacuum is portable providing an easy and effective way to remove fine dust, pet hair, dirt and stains from your floor. It’s small and compact size makes it easy to carry and move around with from one cleaning job to the next. The vacuum has a long power cord making it great to use even in large rooms.

The vacuum comes with a number of attachments including a canister, a rubber nozzle, a hose adapter nozzle, a crevice tool and a 2-foot hose. It also has an impressive filtration system, effectively filtering out all impurities from the surrounding environment. The vacuum has a handle grip which is great to use when trying to clean out the dirt under your furniture and in tight corners. The bin of this vacuum is transparent, allowing you to easily see the dirt collected. It is also so easy to open up the bin and empty out all the dirt inside. The vacuum is very durable and reliable, performing tasks for hours without malfunctioning in any kind of way.


  • It is very small and compact
  • It has amazing suction properly cleaning up your floor.
  • It has a long power cable


  • The handle grip is not so comfortable to use
  • The filters on the vacuum can get loose when the vacuum is working with high suction power


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Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum

Small Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

This vacuum is very compact and lightweight making it one of the best machines for completing a large number of tasks. It comes with a ton of additional attachments, including a dust bag, a removable head brush and a filter. The brush head has soft bristles that clean out hard and sticky stains without causing any damage or leaving any cracks on your hardwood floor. Disposing the collected dirt from your dirt bin is so effortless. The vacuum is bagless meaning you do not have to look for any replacement bags.

The vacuum’s small size and lightweight nature makes the cleaner so easy to carry around from room to room. The cleaner is also so effective when it comes to eliminating hair, dander, dirt and debris from the floor surface. The suction power is strong enough to suck up all the accumulated dirt from your floor. The vacuum also has inbuilt filters. These re-usable filters are easy to take out and clean. The Shark Rocket Corded vacuum is actually one of the most affordable vacuums in the market.


  • It is small in size and very portable
  • It has a nice long power cord
  • It has a reusable filter


  • The vacuum rollers and bristles can be hard to clean.
  • The vacuum can prove to be hard to store once detached
  • The additional vacuum accessories cannot be shared with any other model


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Tineco A10 Hero Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Small Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

The Tineco A10 vacuum cleaner is quite compact and perfect for cleaning your hardwood floor. The vacuum cleaner is flexible effectively handling all kinds of cleaning jobs. Its portable nature makes it so easy to use on your hardwood stairs and you can quickly carry it around from room to room. The suction power of this vacuum is really strong extracting even the smallest dust and debris from the floor.

The vacuum also has a number of different features like an LED light that turns red when alerting you on any dirt that you miss while cleaning. The turbo suction setting allows users to control the vacuum during cleaning sessions making your work so much easier. The vacuum also has a very impressive four-stage HEPA filtration system that can trap even the tiniest particles, cleaning up all the air around you. It is easily detachable and easy to store even in small spaces.


  • It is small and portable
  • It has an impressive HEPA Filter
  • It has amazing suction power


  • The dust bin is a bit too small and might need to be frequently emptied
  • Many users consider the vacuum expensive


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Shark Pet Perfect II Cordless Hand Vacuum

Small Vacuum for Hardwood Floors

The Shark Pet Perfect Cordless Vacuum is a very compact easy to use vacuum that is great especially for those who live with cats, dogs and any other hairy pets. It is lightweight and comes with a number of additional tools and accessories such as a crevice tool and a motorized brush. The motorized brush roll makes the vacuum good at getting rid of pet hairs, fur and dander from your floor. The crevice tool can easily navigate around your furniture and in tiny spaces eliminating the accumulated dirt.

The vacuum has an LED light that turns red to signal the user when it is fully charged and also signals the user to clean up any dirt that could have been missed during the cleaning routine. The vacuum also has a reusable filter and a dirt cup meaning that you do not have to purchase disposable dirtbags. This vacuum is very budget-friendly and quite effective at eliminating all kinds of dirt from your hardwood floor.


  • It is small and portable
  • It has an LED light that indicates when it is fully charged and when there is dirt that could have been missed
  • It is an affordable vacuum cleaner


  • When using the motorized power brush, the vacuum will only run for 15 minutes.


View price on Amazon


A number of small vacuums can do an exceptional job of getting rid of dirt, dust and dander from your hardwood floor. In our opinion, the Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Hand Vacuum is the best leaving you with a clean and spotless hardwood floor. It is possible to easily eliminate all the dirt and hair using the compact size vacuums suggested in this review.

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