Miele C2 Complete Review

The Miele C2 Complete is a fantastic vacuum cleaner that offers a host of advantages over the competition. This vacuum is small and compact, yet powerful and efficient. It also represents fantastic value for money, making it an all-rounder for any family home.


Miele C2 Complete

The right vacuum cleaner can actually have a huge impact on your daily life, by making an activity that you engage in extremely regularly that much easier and more enjoyable. Instead of wrestling with a huge and bulky machine, (like the good old days!) a small and light vacuum cleaner lets you finish the job in a matter of minutes.

The best vacuum cleaners of course also make your carpet cleaner, which translates to better health and smarter looking home. The right vacuum cleaner can even reduce your energy bill by using a more energy efficient motor.

It might seem like a small matter, but getting this right will make a huge difference by giving you more time to relax in your clean and healthy home.

So, is the Miele C2 Complete the right vacuum cleaner for you?

Read on and we’ll take a look at the specs, features, and general build quality to come to a final decision.

Miele C2 Complete Review

At a Glance

There’s immediately a lot to like about the Miele C2 Complete on paper.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a very powerful 1600W motor, which is great for picking up stubborn bits of dirt whether on a hardwood floor, or heavy pile carpet!

What’s more, is that it has a 33 ft (10m) operating radius. This lets you stay put and cover a wider area of your home: reducing the time it takes to keep your home looking clean and tidy, and reducing the amount of energy you exert (and your subsequent risk of injury).

The vacuum cleaner comes with easy rotary dials for quickly adjusting the settings, and three accessories packaged in. All this makes it a very capable vacuum cleaner that’s also particularly fantastic value.

It’s great to look at too. Seriously!

The body has a black and blue gloss finish that looks stylish and premium, and it feels sturdy and high quality in the hand. It’s light and easy to store, and in short it represents a great example of this “new wave” of vacuum cleaners that are making the job of cleaning the house that much quicker, easier, and more enjoyable.


Why the Miele C2 is Efficient and Worth it

The key thing to consider when looking at any vacuum cleaner is efficiency: does it actually pick up dirt? Or does it make a whole lot of noise and achieve very little? Will you find traces of dirt left on your carpet where they have been regurgitated by the mechanism?

This is something that a lot of people overlook when investing in vacuum cleaners. It’s easy to pick a machine with a high-speed motor, but if that motor fails to pick things up, then it’s of little use!

Likewise, even if a vacuum cleaner is very light, it won’t save your back if you need to repeatedly go over the same area! It’s an extremely frustrating feeling to clean your entire house, then to have to go back and re-do various different areas.

So, How Does the Miele C2 Complete Hold Up?

On paper, you’re looking at a 1600W motor, which should be more than enough to offer a thorough clean (though we’re not looking at industrial scale here).

On top of this, the Miele C2 Complete packs a number of additional features and benefits. For one, you will get an “Air Clean” filter, which provides optimum filtration: allowing those small bits of dirt to pass through into the system, while preventing anything larger from choking the machine.

This is where a lot of vacuum cleaners can come unstuck: the filter can end up keeping out things that you actually want to clean up off the floor!

This is not the case here, and instead the filtration system is perfect for not only picking up those tiny bits of dirt, but also actually filtering the air. This improves the air quality, by removing allergens, dander, and other unwanted contaminants that can harm your health and make breathing more difficult.

What’s also really welcome though, is the “HyClean” dustbag. This claims “3D efficiency,” which is an extremely fancy way of saying that the bag has features to prevent dust getting lost. This is particularly important when opening the bag, which is when a lot of dust and dirt can otherwise escape.

This can actually be a serious issue for those that suffer with asthma and other breathing difficulties: you may find that you inhale these vast quantities of dust and dirt, which can lead to coughing fits and even asthma attacks!

Moreover, releasing all the dirt you just spent ages cleaning up is of course highly frustrating!

While phrases like “Hygiene 3D Efficiency” are clearly marketing nonsense, the truth is that this product is 20% more efficient than the previous iteration. That’s a significant upgrade, and if it means less dirt on your carpet, house, and in your lungs, then it’s a very worthwhile one too.

Vs Dysons

Miele C2 vs Dyson


This is a key area that distinguishes the Miele C2 Complete from the competition: like the Dyson. Dyson cordless vacuums are currently all the rage, and this is partly due to smart marketing. The idea of a light and practical vacuum cleaner is something that’s highly appealing to anyone that has ever labored over a large and heavy cleaner in the past!

Dysons are bagless, meaning you simply carry them to a bin and empty them out.

Isn’t that easier?

The simple answer: not at all!

Removing and carrying a light bag is just as easy as carrying the whole vacuum. And whereas the Miele C2 Complete will keep all the dust in the bag, simply releasing the hatch on a Dyson means that the dust will scatter into the surrounding environment. Even if you’re extremely careful, some dust will escape.

This is the difference between perceived convenience and REAL convenience.

The other issue to consider is that cordless Dyson vacuums make major trade-offs in terms of power. The Miele C2 Complete is a corded vacuum cleaner, meaning that you plug it into the wall. This might seem like it would make the tool less convenient…

But when you consider it has a 33ft (10m) operating radius, you realize that this really isn’t true. Unless you live in a mansion, you won’t have many rooms that are greater than 33ft (10m) in any dimension. In fact, you can often cover more than one room without even needing to move the Miele C2 Complete.

You can likewise still use this to vacuum up the stairs (just plug in at the top or bottom) and you can even use it to clean your car. (just plug in by the front door or outside)

Meanwhile, the loss in power you get from something like a Dyson is a serious tradeoff that you should think twice about making. Dysons are notorious for leaving bits of dirt on the floor behind them, for getting jammed, and generally for making life more difficult. Sure they’re plenty convenient and might get the job done, depending on the cleanliness of your home, but these vacuums will never be as powerful.

Again: perceived practicality, versus actual convenience.

Energy Efficiency

Miele C2 is Energy EfficientQD

What’s also impressive, is that this Miele vacuum has a fantastic energy efficiency. The previous Miele models were already very good in terms of efficiency, but the Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner takes that to another level: thanks to being 50% more efficient than the previous generation!

This means that you’ll use less energy while cleaning, which will help to keep your energy bill to a minimum. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to rest easy using the Miele Complete C2, knowing that you are keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.

Features and Quality of Life

There are many smart quality of life features that help to make this Miele vacuum much easier to use.

One of those simple differences is the very quick dial for altering the settings.

This makes it a simple matter to change the power and to quickly adapt to different surfaces as you go. Due to the large operating area and light weight, it’s very beneficial being able to quickly move from one room to another: going from the living room to kitchen for instance. To do this though, you need to be able to adapt to those different surfaces as you move between rooms – which is where those rotary dials become crucial. They are likewise well-labeled, so it’s very easy to quickly see what you’re doing.


The Miele Complete C2 Hard Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner comes with three very useful accessories:

  • Crevice Nozzle
  • Dusting Brush
  • Upholstery Nozzle

These are conveniently stored within the body of the vacuum cleaner, meaning that you won’t need to dig through cupboards and every inch of your home to find them, and won’t repeatedly lose them! (These are very real issues with other types of vacuum cleaner!)

Between them, these three attachments handle nearly every job you need them for around the house, and each one is very well made. Of course, the crevice nozzle is what you’ll use to clean along the sides of kitchen countertops, or to clean the insides of stairs. This removes those irritating bits of dirt and crumbs that can build up over time and make a room look untidy even after you have thoroughly vacuumed.

The dusting brush is great for getting dander and other things that might get caught in the carpet or elsewhere. This makes the Miele C2 Complete a great choice for pet owners.

Finally, the upholstery nozzle means that you can use this to clean your sofas and chairs without worrying about damaging them. If you turn the power down, you can also use this to clean curtains and even bedding, sheets, and blankets!

This is an all-in-one solution, which means that you save time and money in the long run.


The Miele C2 Complete is light and easy to pull along the floor. Another example of smart design is the inclusion of rubberized castors. This is important, as it means that if you are pulling the canister along a hard floor, you won’t need to worry about leaving scratches.

Build Quality

Miele C2 Complete

The Miele C2 Complete is an exceptionally well-designed vacuum cleaner and has been built with excellent engineering and attention to detail.

Where this really shows is in the longevity. This motor is designed to work for 1,000 hours+ of use, while the floorheads have been tested for over 600 miles.

Hopefully, you don’t need to do that amount of cleaning any time soon! Still, it’s great to know that you’ll get a vacuum that truly lasts.

The vacuums are each tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ worth of use, and come with full warranties. They receive extremely favorable reviews from users too.

This vacuum is also very pleasant to use. This Miele Complete C2 hard floor canister vacuum cleaner looks great thanks to that gloss finish, and it feels comfortable in the hand too with a very ergonomic design. All this makes you more inclined to want to use the product, which makes a world of difference considering how often most of us need to vacuum.

User Experience

Something to keep in mind when choosing any vacuum cleaner is the user experience.

That’s to say that while something might sound great on paper, it can still end up being frustrating to use. Sometimes a product will simply lack the kind of intuitive design that can make it easy to operate, or it might be difficult to use, or may have faulty operation. Any of these problems can cause you to end up dreading the experience, even when it should be a very positive one.

For example, one thing that can serious tarnish an otherwise great product in this category, is a small vacuum bag or cylinder. If you constantly need to empty the vacuum cleaner, then this prevents it from being truly “pick up and use” and adds steps to the process. The result is that it takes longer than it should, and you end up trying to avoid vacuuming.

This is not the case here, as you actually get a fantastically designed experience. The Miele C2 Complete is light to move around, and thanks to that 33ft (10m) operating radius, you can do everything from one spot. All the small features we’ve covered already add up to make everything as simple and easy as you would hope:

  • You don’t spill dirt out of the dust bag when emptying it
  • Releasing the dust bag couldn’t be simpler
  • All the attachments store easily and are ready to access
  • The motor is exceptionally powerful, meaning you only need to go over the area once
  • The unit is small enough to easily store

In Practice

Vacuuming is something that most of us do at least on a weekly basis and often more regularly (for the conscientious among us). It is undoubtedly an art form and one that really pays if you know what you’re doing, and yet for most of us, it’s something that we rarely give much thought. In short: if you adopt the right technique, you can save yourself considerable time AND result in a better cleaning overall.

Miele C2 Complete

We all have different techniques when it comes to vacuuming and thus the best vacuum cleaner will be one that lends itself well to that style. While a good machine will go a long way towards helping you keep your floor and room clean and dust-free however, it will usually take more than just a great vacuum and will also require good technique. The large operating radius of the Miele C2 Complete makes this a vacuum cleaner that is perfectly suited to the optimal style of vacuuming, and this is something else to consider when comparing it to cordless, handheld models.

When you use these models, it’s easy to get “small bits” of dirt from anywhere in the room. But it’s also harder to attack a room in a logical pattern. After all: you wouldn’t try to clean a whole room with the hand-held brush attachment! It’s a similar reasoning.

First of all you should move everything out of your way before you begin. That includes cupboards, furniture, rugs, wires and everything else that is currently taking up floor space. You can of course just move them as you go and vacuum around them, however this is not only a recipe for an injury if you strain a muscle or trap a nerve, but also doesn’t result in the same level of cleanliness as you end up vacuuming things from awkward and unusual angles or constantly pushing things backwards and forwards. This also saves a lot of time in the long run.

Think it doesn’t matter what it looks like under that table? That’s a common mistake: as it will end up creeping out into the rest of the room. Not only that, but you’ll also find that it builds up over time and can become quite unhygienic – potentially even attracting pests.

Also keep in mind that heavy items can damage carpet and that this could do more harm than good. It will be more upheaval then but in the long run it will result in a cleaner carpet or floor, so remove everything you can from the floor before you begin. From here you can then choose from two essential vacuuming techniques:

  • The first of these techniques is to stand in the middle of the carpet and then to vacuum by pushing outwards and pulling the vacuum back in. This is where that radius comes in handy! You can simply plant the Miele C2 Complete right in the center of the room, and then move out from it in a circular pattern.

From here you then rotate slightly and repeat, thereby vacuuming the whole surrounding area around you in a big circle. From here you then move slightly and start again, before going around the edges and skirting boards with a tool or extension. This is very effective in terms of efficiency and speed and requires the least effort. However this is also likely to result in gaps between your two circles, not to mention around the edges where you will have to walk the vacuum in the traditional method. It also avoids causing you to get wrapped up in wire, or worse, potentially damage it and give yourself a nasty shock.

  • The other method is to push the vacuum around the carpet while following it behind. You then clean the carpet in any order keeping track of where you’re going. This is by nature less methodical, but you can make it more so by vacuuming in strips as you probably would with a lawn mower.

Each has its definite strengths and weaknesses and your choice of vacuum will depend on your technique too. Assess your own style and whether it needs changing and then modify your vacuuming to make it more efficient. Because the Miele C2 Complete is light enough and the cord is long enough, it’s well suited to either strategy.

Pros and Cons


  • The Miele C2 Complete is extremely powerful and more than capable of cleaning even the dirtiest carpets
  • Represents fantastic value versus something like a Dyson
  • The large operating radius makes it easy and quick to clean large areas
  • Energy efficient
  • Dusting brush makes it great for those with pets
  • The bag is easy to empty without making a mess
  • Thoughtful design
  • Highly durable – you might never have to replace it


  • Having a cord does still create some minor limitations in how you will use it
  • Can’t be hung from the wall
  • Could come with more accessories

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Where do I buy the Miele C2 Complete?

You can find the Miele C2 Complete on Amazon and also direct from Miele’s website. It’s worth noting that you’ll get the full warranty, even if you decide to buy from Amazon.

You have the option of buying the Standard Miele C2 Complete, or a Miele C2 Complete with Miele Performance Pack.

The Performance Pack comes with 16 GN filter bags + HEPA Filter, which is honestly a really good value! Some people only need to change the bag a few times a year, so you won’t have to buy any bags or any other purchases for at least 5 or so years if you decide to go with the bundle.

It’ll truly be a “one and done” purchase.

What bags go in the Miele C2 Complete?

Look for HyClean GN 3D Efficiency dust bags if you’re in Europe. If you’re in America, look for the “Airclean” bags. You can also purchase these direct from Miele or on Amazon.

Click here if you’re looking for the “Hyclean” Europe bags.

Click here if you’re looking for the”Airclean” American bags.

Just make sure to get the respective bag type based on your location!

While you can purchase 3rd party bags, they won’t be nearly as good as OEM bags from Miele. Some may not fit properly either. If you’re trying to save a few dollars, it probably isn’t worth the potential headache of not fitting properly or poor performance. The bags are very affordable in the first place.

What is the difference between the Miele C2 Complete and C3?

There are actually a number of different C3 models, with each having specific uses and functions for. C2 bags will fit in the C3, and vice versa. The C3 is more energy efficient, has different attachments, and more.


The Miele C2 Complete gets the highest possible praise from us: this is the vacuum cleaner that “just works.” This is that product that you can reliably pick up and use and you know it isn’t going to stop working on you, cough up lots of dirt, or have any other issues.

Meanwhile, the smart design means that you’ll have a great experience with the Miele C2 Complete. Small features – like the ability to store attachments in the vacuum itself – make all the difference in the world when it comes to something you use as often as a vacuum. Thanks to this thoughtful design, you don’t need to worry about losing those parts, and you’ll always have them on hand.

The Miele C2 Complete may not be as “trendy” as the cordless Dysons that are all the rage right now, but see this as a positive: this product is every bit as efficient and convenient, while being a fraction of the price.

For all but the largest homes or most elderly of users, this is a fantastic product and one that we can confidently recommend to any buyers looking for a dependable, efficient, and great overall vacuum cleaner.

Laura Smith is an author and philanthropist; runs several trust funds and teaches people in different forums the importance of developing actionable solutions, to help in the conservation of energy while limiting environmental degradation. She is passionate about everything tech and has written different reviews on a myriad of electrical gadgets. Technology and environmental degradation are a major challenge around the globe today, and many companies produce gadgets without a guideline on how to dispose of, after they have served their purpose. Laura has thus dedicated her life to finding eco-friendly solutions in the disposition of electrical gadgets in the middle of technological advancements.

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