Best Stick Cordless Vacuum Under $100

You use different types of cleaning tools to ensure that your home is free of dust, dirt, and debris. One of the most common among those tools is…you guessed it! A vacuum cleaner. The best stick cordless vacuum under $100 allows you to clean even the cobwebs and dust on your ceiling with ease, without breaking your bank.

Cordless stick vacuums are very powerful, convenient, and best of all – affordable. They’re lightweight, very easy on your back, and give you freedom from having to walk around plugging and unplugging your vacuum whenever you need to clean a room. The best stick cordless vacuums under $100 will give you more power and flexibility with many attachments to make cleaning a cinch. These machines come with rechargeable batteries that are very convenient and portable, as well as special cleaning modes to handle different types of floor surfaces like hard floors and stairs – and even your furniture. These vacuums are built with different technologies and parts, so their run times will differ depending on the make/model.

What is a Stick Vacuum?

Stick vacuum cleaners are becoming very popular because they’re cordless which means more freedom when cleaning and they have more power. Originally, they were designed to clean small messes, but now they can handle cleaning your entire house. They have a lightweight stick body with a small canister that you need to empty regularly. They come with attachments like a crevice tool, upholstery tool, and some have a motorized brush for removing pet hair. The fact that they’re cordless means they use batteries. Keep in mind that you need to always charge them when you’re not using the vacuum.

Why Do You Need a Stick Vacuum?

A stick vacuum is convenient and easily maneuverable, which makes it a great option for doing quick cleanings or small cleaning jobs around your home. They’re compact so they’re easy to store. Some allow you to mount them on your wall and are lighter than your normal cylinder and upright vacuums. A lighter vacuum will almost always be at least somewhat comfortable to use. Although you need to charge the batteries, depending on the model, you can buy extra batteries to be on the safe side. The suction power of stick vacuums is becoming stronger as technology advances and allows them to be more efficient and effective. This makes them a great and relatively cheap investment for your home!

Do You Need a Bagged or Bagless Vacuum?

Some vacuums come with bags that hold all the dust, dirt, and debris after vacuuming. Once it’s full, you’re supposed to replace it. The best part about this is you don’t touch the dirt and dust as you remove it from the canister. This is mostly the case when you’re using bagless vacuums as dirt can get trapped. Bagless vacuums can be very messy as the dust can spill as you empty it. However, if you opt for a bagged vacuum, you’ll have to keep extra bags in storage for when you need to replace it. This is not an issue for bagless vacuums, as you don’t have that extra expense or need of buying bags.

Key Features to Consider:

1. Weight

A stick vacuum that is over 6.5 lbs (or 3 kgs) can feel a bit heavy over prolonged use. Choose a stick vacuum that has a heavy base rather than one that has a heavy handle. If the top part is less heavy, it’s easier on your arms. Don’t settle for a clean home at the potential cost of throwing out your back!

2. Runtime

A cordless vacuum is very convenient, but not if it doesn’t offer a decent runtime. Get a vacuum that can give you at least 20 minutes of continuous suction as this should give most people sufficient time to clean an average-sized house. The best stick cordless vacuum under $100 should still be able to offer decent runtime at an affordable price.

3. Consistent Suction Power

Cordless vacuums are known to suffer from loss of suction power – especially as their batteries run low. However, some vacuums don’t have this problem because they’re powered by high-performance batteries that are also equipped with unique technologies. Cyclonic technology helps prevent the hose from clogging and pushes the debris towards the wall of the dust bin, while at the same time keeping steady suction power for the entire cleaning session.

4. Attachments

Some stick cordless vacuums can be turned into a handheld cleaning device that comes in handy when vacuuming your home. Others come with special extra tools for detailed cleanings – such as a crevice tool, upholstery brush, and even a motorized brush for cleaning pet hair. Others even have a swivel head that helps you to clean around corners. If you want to use a stick vacuum as a handheld, make sure it comes with the appropriate tools for cleaning.

5. Storage Space

Because stick vacuums are thin, they take up less storage space than your standard vacuum. However, most can’t stand on their own, especially those that have a heavy motor on top. Most come with charging stations that you mount on your wall, while others have a base that helps it stay upright when storing or charging. Some vacuums have retractable or foldable handles for easier storage. Whichever you prefer, look for a stand that can hold all the attachments so that they’re all neatly stored in one place.

Comparison Table for the Best Stick Cordless Vacuum Under $100

VacuumFeaturesAmazon Link
Hoover Linx Signature Stick Cordless BH50020PCFingertip control, battery indicator, electronic brush roll, WindTunnel technology, low profile designView Price
Eureka Swivel Stick and Handheld Vacuum NES215ACapture nozzle and swivel steering, 3-in-1 design, powerful 2 Amps motorView Price
Hikeren 12000 PA Stick VacuumCrevice tool, cleaning brush, manual base, protective cover, LED lights, swivel design, powerful suction, 2 cleaning modes, durable lithium-ion batteryView Price
VacLife Cordless Stick Vacuum360-degree rotation, soft dusting brush, replaceable batteries, LED lights, impressive suction, flexible head, durable and washable HEPA filter, detachable dust cupView Price

Hoover Linx Signature Stick Cordless BH50020PC

Hoover Linx Signature Stick Cordless BH50020PC Vacuum CleanerThe Hoover Linx Signature Stick Cordless BH50020PC Vacuum is a lightweight stick vacuum that weighs about 10 pounds, which makes it easy to clean effortlessly. It’s a great vacuum for cleaning your everyday messes quickly. It’s a sleek, cordless, and versatile machine that has a low profile design that will help you clean under and around your furniture effortlessly. It’s designed with WindTunnel technology that creates a suction tunnel that will lift and remove embedded dirt and debris in your carpets and surfaces.

The fingertip control switch is convenient as you can easily switch the brush roll on and off. The battery gauge allows you to see how much battery power is left and if you need to recharge it. You can remove the fade-free lithium-ion batteries and charge them from anywhere since the vacuum is cordless – which makes it convenient and gives you freedom when vacuuming.


  • Easily and quickly switch the brush on and off with a press of a button
  • Lightweight (10 lbs) and maneuverable
  • Quiet
  • Washable filter
  • WindTunnel technology allows for strong and effective suction
  • Very easy to empty the canister


  • Battery only lasts about 20 minutes
  • You have to empty the dust cup each time you vacuum


A lightweight and maneuverable stick vacuum that uses a fade-free lithium-ion battery to give you enough runtime to clean a small-sized house.


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Eureka Swivel Stick and Handheld Vacuum NES215A

Eureka Swivel Stick and Handheld Vacuum NES215AThe Eureka Swivel Stick and Handheld Vacuum NES215A is a 3-in-1 versatile stick vacuum that can be transformed from a stick vacuum to a handheld and a stair vacuum when you need it. This 4-pound portable vacuum has a powerful 2 amp motor that will help pick up all the dust and dirt in your home. It has a bagless design and washable filters which makes it very economical and reduces maintenance costs. The swivel steering and the capture nozzle will suck up large particles and help you clean around furniture with ease.

You can use the vacuum with or without the capture nozzle, which makes it ideal for cleaning different surfaces like your tiles floors, hard floors, laminated, or vinyl. It can even clean a low pile carpet! The crevice tool will come in handy when you’re trying to clean hard-to-reach places and tight spots like the ceiling, between cushions, or under your car seat. This is a great all-rounded vacuum for all your various cleaning needs.


  • Very lightweight and maneuverable
  • Impressive suction power
  • Great for cleaning multiple surfaces
  • Washable filters
  • The swivel steering makes cleaning easier around corners
  • Rubber wheels don’t scuff your floor


  • Power button is located in an awkward place
  • Gets stuck cleaning small rugs


A lightweight and maneuverable vacuum that you can use as a handheld and a stair vacuum. This makes it easy to clean all the areas in your home in a convenient and effective way.


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Hikeren 12000 PA Stick Vacuum

Hikeren 12000 PA Stick VacuumThe Hikeren 12000 PA Stick Vacuum is a 2-in-1 cordless vacuum that you can use as a stick and handheld vacuum. It’s designed with 2-speed cleaning modes to clean different surfaces like your carpet and hard floors. The high-speed mode is ideal for vacuuming your house and this lasts for about 30 minutes while the low-speed mode will last about 40 minutes. This is great for adjusting the vacuum between areas of high traffic and others with low traffic where you might not need that much suction. It’s great for cleaning pet hairs and dirt from hard floors. The swivel design allows the handle to freely rotate and fold down when you’re cleaning under your furniture and bed and also clean around corners and obstacles in your home.

The LED lights help you easily spot dirt in dark corners while the crevice tool will suck up the dirt and dust from tight spots and hidden places in your car or sofa. You can use the cleaning brush when you need to remove pet hairs from your furniture, carpets, and rugs. This vacuum can stand up easily on its own. Or, you have the option to fold the handle which saves storage space in your closet. Once you’re done cleaning, you can easily pull out the dust cup and filter and wash them so that they’re ready for the next use. You can either charge the stick vacuum using the charging port at the back or charge the hand vacuum. Having options is always a plus.


  • Washable filters are always a great money-saver
  • Swivel steering makes it easy to move around furniture
  • Charges quickly
  • Small head allows it to clean places that other vacuums can’t
  • Great battery life – around 30 minutes, which is much higher than average


  • No place to store the attachments for the hand vacuum
  • Side suction isn’t very strong
  • Mixed reviews


A lightweight stick and handheld cordless vacuum that has great flexibility and allows you to clean under beds, furniture, and around obstacles in your house.


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VacLife Cordless Stick Vacuum

VacLife Cordless Stick VacuumThe VacLife Cordless Stick Vacuum is designed with a powerful motor that has great suction. It’s very easy to use and can clean hard to reach places with the help of a flexible head. It has a detachable lithium-ion battery that takes 3-4 hours to fully charge which gives about 45 minutes of use. Plus, replacements are available even if you’re out of warranty. It has a soft roller cleaner head that cleans different floor surfaces, while the soft dusting brush will make it easier to clean pet hair, food residue on your sofa, or dust on fabrics.

The LED lights will help you when cleaning dark areas and under furniture and beds. The flexible head will make it easier for you to clean in all directions. This vacuum uses a HEPA filter that is durable and washable. You can also easily detach the dust cup for easy cleaning and attachment.


  • Lightweight – with a flexible head
  • Easy to empty and clean the canister
  • Great suction power
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Excellent battery life – 45 minutes
  • Comes with extra accessories that are very useful


  • Dust cup is very small
  • Mixed reviews
  • Difficulty picking up some pet hairs


An excellent vacuum that uses 3 brushes to ensure it gets all the dust and dirt in your home. It’s very flexible and can maneuver easily when cleaning around the house. You’ll have more than enough battery life with this vacuum to fully clean your entire home.


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Final Thoughts – Our Pick – Hoover Linx Signature Stick Cordless BH50020PC Vacuum

Best Stick Cordless Vacuum Under $100

When cleaning your house, your goal should be to have tools that make cleaning your home quick and effortless. Vacuum cleaners are the solution to this problem. The Hoover Linx Signature Stick Cordless BH50020PC is one of the best stick cordless vacuums under $100 on the market.

This vacuum will make cleaning enjoyable and easy at a price that’s very affordable. You don’t need to sacrifice on a quality vacuum at this price!

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