Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors and Carpets

Over the years, many homeowners have made the decision to completely do away with older cleaning methods. We’re in a world with ever-advancing technology that makes our household cleaning duties way easier than ever before. More and more people are looking for better and more advanced cleaning techniques for their homes. Vacuum cleaners have always proven to be one of the best cleaning accessories when it comes to achieving great results in a short amount of time. Dirty hardwood floors and dull carpets can have their original shiny look restored – simply by using a powerful and efficient vacuum cleaner.

Your home is a place that you always want to maintain a clean and fresh environment for. A majority of people today are looking for anything that can clean their hardwood floors and eliminate dirt and debris on their carpet in no time. This is only possible with the proper cleaning equipment.

The market is saturated with a ton of different vacuums. When it comes to choosing the best vacuum for your floor and your carpet, you need to ensure that your equipment delivers on everything promised; giving you fantastic value for your money.

In this review, we’ll take a look at some of the best vacuum cleaners that will efficiently and effortlessly eliminate dirt and grime from your floor and carpet surfaces.

Factors to Consider – Purchasing the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floor and Carpets

Type of Vacuum Cleaner

There are so many different types and models of vacuum cleaners available on the seemingly endless market today. As I’m sure you’re well aware, vacuum cleaners come in different kinds of styles, sizes, and designs. You can choose from anything ranging from stick vacuums, to upright vacuum cleaners, to canister vacuums, to even robotic vacuum cleaners! There are also different types of cleaners all meant for different roles. There are steam cleaners that use steam to eliminate dirt and debris, spot cleaners that are perfect for getting rid of hard stains, full-size carpet cleaners, and also portable/lightweight vacuum cleaners. Different styles work better in different cleaning situations. The design and type of vacuum cleaner that you will choose will depend on your home, your lifestyle, and the cleaner that you’re most comfortable with.

Size and Weight

The size and weight of your vacuum cleaner are one of the most important factors that need to be put into consideration when it comes to choosing a suitable cleaning machine for your home. Cleaning your hardwood floors and carpets is a physical activity, therefore, importance must be placed on the weight of your vacuum cleaner. Homes and buildings with stairs and different levels will absolutely benefit from portable vacuum cleaners. Additionally, if your cleaning routine requires you to move around from room to room, a more portable vacuum cleaner will make this very easy. The weight of your cleaner includes all the additional tools and appliances that are to be attached to the vacuum. Remember, a smaller, more lightweight and portable vacuum is still very powerful and quite effective when it comes to cleaning your home.

Durability and Reliability of Your Vacuum Cleaner

The power and durability of your machine needs to always be considered when out in the market. Vacuums are designed to pick up dirt and other impurities from your floor while leaving your surfaces clean. Some vacuums malfunction and become completely useless after sucking in corks and other items from your floor. Some fail due to low quality materials. Other vacuums are strong and could last for a lifetime; even after sucking in all kinds of debris. Stronger vacuums that are more heavy-duty can suck in plastic, nails, and even large amounts of water without ever malfunctioning. (not that you should be using a household vacuum cleaner to suck up water in the first place!)

The price of a vacuum cleaner is based on its performance and lifespan. The lifespan of a vacuum cleaner must be put into consideration – doing so will save you lots of money and frustration…if you can find a high-quality and long lasting machine.

Suction Power

Most hardwood floor and carpet vacuum cleaners have motors attached to their heads that are responsible for the suction power that’s released onto the surface. The suction strength differs according to the model and design of your vacuum cleaner. Some cleaners are quite strong, featuring exceptional vacuum strength. Some vacuum cleaners have very low suction strength and lack the power to pick up dirt and clean up hard stains from your carpet. You should not compromise in the slightest on the suction strength of your vacuum. However, machines with very high suction strength may end up damaging your hardwood floor or carpet. Therefore, it’s also important to find out the amount of suction that you and home specifically need, so that you don’t end up damaging your floors.

Energy Your Vacuum Cleaner Will Consume

A number of people often overlook this fact; however, it’s important to find out how much energy your vacuum cleaner will consume. Some people believe that a vacuum cleaner is just like any other home appliance: drawing small amounts of electric power. However, if you’re a frugal person, then you should be cautious while purchasing a cleaner, ensuring that you are saving on money and power use. Every year, different energy-saving vacuum cleaners are released and more people prefer these Eco-Friendly or very efficient newer models that save time and money.

Filtration System

More advanced vacuum cleaners are equipped with a filtration system designed to trap dust, debris, and other impurities collected from the surface. A vacuum cleaner without a proper filtration system will allow the dirt to escape back into the room. With an excellent filtration system, it’ll trap all kinds of impurities and effectively filter out allergy-causing enzymes. This will leave you with a more hygienic environment. The High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters (HEPA filters) are preferred by most buyers as they manage to filter out 99.7% of airborne impurities. It’s a great option for anyone anyone suffering from any allergies or is sensitive to dust.

Length of Vacuum Hose and Power Cord

Some vacuum cleaners have a hose that makes the whole cleaning process even easier. The more flexible hoses can easily fit under furniture and get into tight corners, allowing you to clean up dust, pet hair, or dirt that could have accumulated there. There are some hoses that could blow away dirt and debris or fail to pick up certain items from the surface.

The power cord of the vacuum should also be long enough for you so that you won’t have to keep switching outlets as you vacuum around your house. Not only is it frustrating to constantly unplug and plug your vacuum in, but it also wastes time. We want our cleaning time to be efficient and effective. A longer power cord or sufficient runtime is always a positive. To clean a large side of a wall or room, a vacuum with a longer power cord will allow you to easily move from one corner to the next, while a cleaner with a short power cord will force you to find additional power sources or outlets.

Reviewing the Best Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors and Carpets

Comparison Table for The Best Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors and Carpets

NameWeightCord LengthEnergy ConsumptionCheck on Amazon
Miele C3 Complete10.34 lbs24ft1200 WattsView Price
Dyson V11 Torque Drive6.68 lbsCordless60 Minutes Battery LifeView Price
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum8 lbs25ft500 WattsView Price
RoboRock S4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner7 lbsCordless150 Minutes Battery LifeView Price

Miele C3 Complete

Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors and Carpet

Miele vacuum cleaners are known to be quite durable, strong, and long lasting – for decades even…all while cleaning up just about anything. The Miele C3 Complete Vacuum Cleaner is of high quality and specially designed to clean carpets and hardwood floors. The vacuum is easy to use, and could potentially last a lifetime! I feel as though I need to reiterate that. Imagine buying a vacuum that lasts for the rest of your life!

The vacuum is equipped with a parquet twister floor tool that uses soft bristles which makes it an excellent choice for your hardwood floors. This vacuum also comes with a dusting brush, a crevice nozzle, and an upholstery tool – making your carpet cleaning routine much more efficient. It has an active carbon air filter that not only traps unwanted debris, but also neutralizes bad odors from the room. It also has electrobrush controls that you can easily adjust, ensuring that you use the correct amount of power/suction on a surface. It’s great for cleaning a carpet, then switching over to cleaning hardwood floors. Having options is always a huge plus for vacuum cleaners! A vacuum that’s versatile is a vacuum that can easily handle your home.

If you’re interested in other Miele vacuums, click here.


  • Has a carbon filter which is great at cleaning up the air in your environment
  • Potentially can last a lifetime
  • Miele quality
  • Great suction
  • Comes with various helpful attachments


  • Heavy
  • Very expensive
  • HEPA filter not included


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Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors and Carpet

The Dyson V11 Torque Drive Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners in the market. This vacuum cleaner boasts high suction power and a high torque cleaning head, leaving your home clean and spotless in a jiffy. The cleaning head is fitted with soft stiff bristles that quickly get rid of tough stains and dirt on your carpet or rug. The cleaner is also designed with HEPA filtration fibers that trap impurities in the environment around you.

This cleaner has 3 power settings which allow you to switch from Auto-mode to Boost-mode to Eco-mode. The boost mode increases the suction from the machine, leaving your surface very clean. Additionally, the LCD displays battery and performance information, allowing you to have more control for your cleaning needs.



  • 3 Power settings – Auto-mode, Boost-mode and Eco-mode
  • High suction strength
  • Dyson brand
  • Has an LCD Screen showing helpful information
  • Much more affordable than the Miele C3 Complete


  • Quite expensive
  • If you don’t want your vacuum to be a “smart” vacuum, you’ll probably wish it didn’t have an LCD screen

P.S. – If you’re still interesting in Dyson and might prefer a cheaper model, I have a Dyson V11 vs V10 vs V8 Review + Comparison here.


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Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum

Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors and CarpetsThis vacuum cleaner is a great choice for those who have furry friends like a dog or a cat. The Shark Rocket has a washable filter inside. Although it does not have a HEPA filter, it still has a great filter. Plus, you’ll save money in the long run. It comes with a variety of attachments that are great at helping you eliminate all the dander and the hair from your carpets and hard floors. It’s very lightweight; at only about 8 lbs, and has excellent control.

This vacuum is very versatile. It’s lightweight, has a simple button that switches from carpets to hard floors, and has great swivel steering. This vacuum was definitely designed with consumers in mind, due to the overall great design of this vacuum.

You can even convert this vacuum into a hand vacuum. That’s personally one of my favorite features – you can take the hand vacuum with you and clean your car or sofa. It’s great having an all-in-one vacuum that can get just about any cleaning job done quick.


  • Great control
  • Lightweight
  • Helpful attachments
  • Hand vacuum option
  • Great for pets


  • Some quality issues
  • Warranty coverage should be longer


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Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood Floors and CarpetsThis vacuum cleaner is the first robotic vacuum to be featured on the list. The Roborock S4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best value robotic vacuum cleaners on the market. Not only are these high-quality vacuums, but they’re efficient, fast, and can clean your house with the press of a button. You can even control it with Alexa/Google Home. From cleaning schedules to notifications when your vacuum needs replacement parts, you’ll be ahead of the game. This vacuum can easily maneuver around your floor and carpet while you handle all your other activities at home or at work. The great thing about this particular vacuum, is that it doesn’t require you to use their app. If you don’t want to deal with using an app for the vacuum or using any “smart” features, you can still get all of the amazing benefits that a robot vacuum has to offer.

This vacuum will have no problems fully cleaning your entire home on a single charge. Thanks to the huge 5200 mah battery inside, this vacuum can run for 150 minutes without a charge! When it has low battery and needs to recharge, it’ll automatically return to the docking station to charge. Then, it’ll resume as needed or scheduled. If you’re considering getting a robot vacuum to vacuum your house, this would be an absolutely great first choice, as this vacuum is great value for your money. Between the amazing customer support and high quality parts that Roborock has to offer, you won’t be disappointed!


  • Cleans your home with just a press of a button
  • Has a helpful app that allows you to schedule cleanings – it even tells you when certain parts need to be replaced
  • Very quiet
  • Great battery life
  • Built-In fall protection
  • Automatically charges when battery is low
  • Great suction for a robotic vacuum
  • Good customer support
  • Don’t have to use the app if you prefer not to or don’t own a smartphone


  • Not a good choice for people who own pets or babies/small children
  • Occasionally gets stuck while maneuvering around furniture
  • Not a good choice for long-pile carpets


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Final Thoughts

Vacuuming your hardwood floor and your carpet can actually turn out to be a really enjoyable task…if you use one of these amazing vacuums that the market has to offer. In our view, the Dyson V11 Torque Drive is the best choice and the most reliable vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floor and carpet. If you have the money, go with Miele for something long-lasting and durable. We found the V11 to be more reasonably priced with a better feature/quality to price ratio compared to the Miele. Not everyone has that much money to spare on a vacuum.

With Dyson, you’ll always get quality vacuums that are highly efficient and have powerful suction. If you still haven’t found a vacuum that meets all of your needs and is within your budget, check out our post here for the Best Vacuums Under $200.

Bring your vacuum cleaner home today and restore a fresh, clean, and new look to your home!

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