Oreck Vacuum Reviews

Oreck Vacuum Reviews

It is a dream of many people to have a big house to call their home, but it is a whole other story when you get the house and have to look after it – that is a whole nightmare. That is where good vacuum cleaners come in, since they make the cleanliness so much easier. We will examine Oreck vacuum reviews in this article, and see whether they are worth your money.

There are many items that inspire nostalgia in people, and Oreck can count itself among those things. For decades, they have been a mainstay of thousands of homes across the country, as well as professional vacuum cleaners for office spaces. This is due to many reasons, among them the minimalist design they use and makes them stand out from other vacuum cleaners.

They are also affordable, and prove to be some of the most reliable options and will score highly in many important criteria. Since there are many varieties from Oreck, we will take a look at some popular options and see how they stack up generally.

What you should expect from Oreck vacuum cleaners

Despite the classic quality these vacuum cleaners have, they are actually younger in age compared to other leading makers, with their history only dating back to the early 1960s. The founder, David Oreck, made their design to focus on the industry of hotel cleanings, and they quickly became popular for this reason. While they started off in hotel cleaning, they are known for much more than that today – since you can find them almost anywhere.

Regardless of the specific Oreck brand of vacuum you will purchase, you can expect to find a product that is lightweight, purely functional, and unassuming. The major focus of the company is giving users simple cleaning solutions with a large focus on weight, and this will result in their vacuum cleaners being less comprehensive compared to other competitors.

Key features

There are a number of shared aspects that all these cleaners have, and they include:


Many people do not find the idea of vacuum cleaners exciting because of how heavy many of them tend to be. However, that is not the case with these ones; as we mentioned earlier, the major selling point with all Oreck vacuum cleaners is their weight. Almost all of them have a weight not exceeding eight pounds, and this in turn makes them very easy to use in the house.

However, this does not take into account the power cord, which is an additional four pounds; making the total weight as 12 lbs. this might sound like a disadvantage, but the parts are available very easily and you can replace them easily just in case something happens to them.

Faster brush roll

Aside from the weight, this is one aspect that makes these cleaners immediately stand out, because of their strength. This makes them very good sweepers, and decent in vacuuming your floors or any other surface you want to handle.

Thanks to the brush roll as well, they are very convenient to use and will not require much effort from you, which allows even elderly people to use them, as well as if you have staircases and need to carry the cleaner around different parts of your house.

However, the cleaners themselves (except in certain models) cannot handle the use of extra tools, which is why you will notice that there is the Buster B Oreck from the same company – a compromise from the usual Oreck cleaner. Many people also tend to have the Oreck cleaners for the lighter, day-to-day cleaning, and heavier vacuums with extra tools for extra cleaning power.

Motor power

It is important to have a powerful motor in your cleaner, or else the cleaning process will be difficult to manage on your end. The good news is that Oreck cleaners employ powerful motors that increase their efficiency, such as two-stage bypass motors in the Oreck BB900DGR, and so on.

This is a vast improvement from the single-stage motor, as it adds greater capacity of cleaning even if you are handling a very dusty room.

Circuit breaker

If you happen to own pets such as cats and dogs, it can be concerning to clean your living room area using a vacuum cleaner – you are not sure if it will handle fur and other dirt particles on the carpet and floors. The good news here is that there is a circuit breaker that comes in some models, and this will guard against clogging that animal fur can cause.

Non-retractable cord

The only drawback that is a common feature is the non-retractable cord. Unlike many vacuum cleaners these days that have retractable cords that allow you to carry the cleaner easily around your house without much mess, the Oreck cleaner cords do not allow for that. You have to wrap the cord at the bottom of the handle, which is quite a hassle.


  • Very affordable option, compared to vacuum cleaners from other manufacturers
  • Lightweight, as the entire unit (including the cord) weighs under 15 pounds. That means you will not get tired trying to push it around, unless you are using the high suction mode
  • The process of assembly is minimal
  • It cleans various surfaces well, including tile floors – and you can change the settings quickly
  • You will not need numerous professional repairs, even for clogs and cleaning the components
  • If you want to buy American products exclusively, you will be pleased to know Oreck is made exclusively in the US
  • The service centers are great and customer service is excellent
  • Has approval certification from the CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute)


  • The cord is non-retractable
  • It lacks height adjustment features
  • There are some models that do not have comprehensive manuals
  • It cannot handle very long pet hair


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Final thoughts

Getting an Oreck vacuum cleaner is great, as it has much of the functionality you need from a daily cleaner, and will sort you out on many things. If your goal is daily maintenance of the house, then they are a good investment – but consider getting extra tools if you are looking for something more.


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