Dyson V8 Absolute Review

Dyson V8 Absolute Review

Most people simply want a vacuum cleaner that’s quick, efficient, lightweight, and can get just about any cleaning job done. After all, it helps you clean your house, professional space, or any other room with ease. A house that’s clean is one you can truly feel comfortable in.

However, if you’re shopping around for vacuum cleaners, you should avoid any vacuum cleaners that have an annoyingly short battery life. Battery life is one of the many strengths of the Dyson V8, and it’s an overall great vacuum cleaner. Let’s find out why the Dyson V8 is completely worth your money.

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, many manufacturers prefer to keep them as light as possible to appeal to most consumers. Pretty much everyone prefers a lighter vacuum to a heavy or clunky one. A vacuum cleaner that’s too stressful or painful to handle is a bad vacuum cleaner. This is where the Dyson V8 is the answer to many requirements that most people need in a vacuum – being lightweight among them.

The basic premise it uses is the amazing Dyson V6, which was highly efficient in its design and mechanisms, but had a few issues (mainly its battery life and tacky emptying of the bin). Thus, the Dyson V8 was created. The results here show that Dyson clearly listened to customer feedback.

What to Expect in the Dyson V8 Absolute

If there’s one thing we love about this machine, it’s the direct upgrade to the previous model, the V6 – it basically offers everything, but with an improvement on the bin emptying (much easier), power, and increased battery life that doubles the previous time.

With that said, it’s unsurprising to see that the V8 Absolute is among the top vacuum cleaners that Dyson offers in its impressive top lineup. It also comes with a wide variety of tools for cleaning additional surfaces, including the interesting ‘Fluffy’, which is a soft-roller hard floor head. It also includes detail cleaning components, and powered brush heads.

In addition, it also offers increased filtration compared to the V6. Even though the price and weight is higher than the V6, its build quality is top notch in comparison to other cordless cleaners, and its overall high quality materials and design are worth it alone for the buy. Of course, you’ll be paying a premium for the Dyson brand name, but the V8 is high quality and we’ll go into exactly what makes it a high quality vacuum.

Key Features

The V8 and V6 share some features, so its easy to mistake them for identical vacuum twins – however, the subtle upgrades show that the V8 is much superior to the V6. It comes in iron and yellow, making the shaft of the vacuum stand out depending on which color you prefer (I personally think the yellow looks great).

Regardless of the color, which is never really a deal breaker, you’ll notice that it works well on both hard floors and carpets. When you use it on a carpet, the ‘direct-drive’ cleaner mode will pick up and clean extra dirt by digging deep into the carpet, while on hard floors, you can use the fiber head made from soft woven nylon cotton to collect dirt and debris.

Some other aspects to look at include:

Battery Life and Dual Power Modes

You’ll definitely be impressed with the battery capacity that the Dyson V8 has. According to Dyson, it’ll give you up to 40 minutes of uninterrupted use in the ‘Powerful’ mode, but it gives you a battery life of 25 minutes when you use the motorized cleaning head.

This places it right in the middle when compared to its other Dyson counterparts; for instance, the V7 gives you 30 minutes of battery life, while the V10 gives you 60 minutes.

Adjustable Form Factor + Multiple Modes

Similar to the other vacuums in the same line of Dyson Cyclones, it’s possible to use the V8 cleaner in a variety of different ways for cleaning. When you attach the shaft to it, you can use it to clean high points of your walls, on your floors, and even corners when you’re trying to do some serious cleaning at home. You can also detach the shaft and use it as a handheld vacuum as well.

In addition, you’ll love the soft roller cleaning attachment, which helps immensely when you handle large debris. If you own pets and allergens are a major concern in your home, then the improved HEPA filter in the V8 will help get rid of any nasty contaminants in your home’s air.

Improved Motor Power and Improvements on Bin

Since the V6, the company has consistently improved in their subsequent models in terms of the power they use. For the V6, it runs on 325W power, while the V8 uses 425W power. In addition, the bin capacity has been improved so you can hold more before you need to empty it, with the V6 having 0.4 liters and the V8 having 0.54 liters.

The emptying of the bin is one change that might be difficult to notice, but is something that you’ll always wish you had; especially if you’ve used a canister vacuum with a small or annoying to use bin. On the V6, you would use the side clip to release the canister base, but you would have to struggle quite a bit to get bigger debris out, such as pet hairs.

However, the V8 changes all that – it instead has a top clip, which will make the center cyclone pull away from the bin, forcing the base flap to open and empty all the contents. Any debris that remain won’t be dangling in front of you or difficult to remove, which makes it easier for you to clean the machine.

Easy-to-Use Tool Attachments

You’ll be able to effortlessly attach the extra tools that the V8 offers, as you can so through the extension tube that comes with the V8, or from the handheld unit directly. However, you’ll be out of luck if you try to use any V6 attachments for the V8, as they aren’t interchangeable or compatible.

Using the tools that the V8 offers is simple, quick, and there are plenty of tools available for different situations and surfaces.


  • Very quiet – Great for those sensitive to noise
  • Battery life has improved greatly from previous models
  • Better cleaning mechanism compared to many vacuum cleaners
  • HEPA filter – strong filtration
  • Very easy to empty bin
  • Has useful accessories for just about any cleaning job


  • Quite expensive compared to other models
  • Battery life isn’t as good as the V10 or V11


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Final thoughts

If you need a versatile vacuum cleaner that can handle different surfaces with ease, then you won’t be disappointed with the Dyson V8 – a powerful vacuum that’s capable of cleaning your house as efficiently as possible.

The Dyson V8 is one household appliance that you’ll be glad you bought. If you haven’t upgraded your vacuum cleaner in a while, this is one worthy upgrade that will make you regret not getting a Dyson sooner.

The amount of pet fur, dust, and dander that it collects will most likely shock you at first. However, once you finally feel how much cleaner your environment truly can be with the Dyson V8 Absolute, you’ll be much happier and even potentially healthier!

Minus the steep price, it’s well worth the investment if you can afford it.


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  1. My wife bought a V8 during some sale years ago, and it’s been awesome since! We got it for a bargain and it still works great! Love the dysons!


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